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The Scariest Places on Earth

In the world today there are many active place's that would turn the sceptic into a believer,but there is an old saying there are places you just dont go alone, There are a few places that would test your strenght & mind to not go insain.

Ep 01 - Satans Dormitory
Ep 02 - Eastern State Penitentiary
Ep 03 - Fortress of Blood
   Ep 04 Dungeons of Alcatraz 
   Ep 05 Chillingham Castle

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Taunton State Hospital haunting's

“This hospital was built in 1854 to alleviate the strain on the hospital in Worcester. It was known as the State Lunatic Asylum. It was believed that their was cult activity within the hospital. Staff would take patients to the basement to perform satan rituals. Within the basement there are unexplained markings on the walls. Now the hospital is a active secure lockup and mental facility for juvenile offenders. Residents of this facility have seen a shadowy man who crawls on the walls, they feel cold spots, and have lights turn on and off.


The Devil Black Roy Dog of Portland Bill Lighthouse UK

Near to the Portland Bill lighthouse there is a hole close to the cliff edge called Cave Hole. During extreme stormy weather, it is advisable to keep well away from it as this is the lair of the dreaded Roy Dog!
This animal is described as a shaggy black dog, as high as a man, with large fiery eyes, one green, one red, and entwined in his mane of dark fur can be seen the freshly plucked eyes of his victims.
It is said that the creature emerges from the watery depths to seize any traveller passing by Cave Hole, and drags them down into his dark watery domain.
Portlanders would often tell of another spectral black dog with large saucer shaped eyes, which prowls the island during the hours of darkness, called The Row Dog. However, unlike the Roy Dog he does not attack you, but merely obstructs your way, snarling and barking aggressively.

“It was larger than a mortal dog
With sharp fangs eager to rip and tear
Flaming eyes, one red, one green
And a black coat beyond compare.”

This is the retelling of a story as it came to me from the writings of Skylark Durston, great Stone Mason and one of the Mason Poets of Portland, Dorset.
Two friends had joined
the Lighthouse keeper after work one evening for a spot of fishing near the Bill. This was a regular thing, they rarely caught anything but enjoyed the peace and quiet just the same, downing bottles of beer and watching the sun dipping down into the sea.
On this particular occasion, dusk hung in the air and it would be soon time for the light to be lit so the two friends, who lived further up the Isle, started on their way back to their wives, leaving the keeper to spend a few more moments alone with the evening before he had to scale the lighthouse steps.

As they continued on their way, the world slowly faded into gloom, their wives would no doubt be at them for their lateness. One of them peered into the dark and spotted lights moving their way, two glowing forms, one red, and one green. He paused. He had heard of these things, but never imagined that he would witness it, suddenly he dragged his friend behind a bush.
The lights were the eyes of a creature, " bigger than a dog fox, smaller than a cow." The lights were the eyes of a creature, " bigger than a dog fox, smaller than a cow". A dark mass of fur and muscle lumbering across the land. Yet it stumbled, paused, hobbled as though in pain


The two friends held their breath and watched in fear as the creature could be seen, taking water from a pool and licking a ragged paw. For one horrible moment, they genuinely believed that those orbs would turn their way, and they knew they would be lost, then the creature moved on into the night, limping as it went.
One friend looked to the other.

" Did you see it?"

"Ey," came the reply.

" Did you see the eyes, my friend, did you see those dead men's eyes woven into its shaggy mane?"

" Ey, I saw them, staring back at me. But I have a thought of dread. I've a thought to our friend back at the Bill for it is from that way, the beast has come."

They looked at each other briefly and turned and ran, through the night, stumbling and tumbling toward the darkness of the Bill, where, even now the light should be spanning the skies.


Among the rocks, near where they had been fishing, the keeper lay, stone cold dead, dry as a bone, his line still swaying from the movement of the waters where it hung down. One man looked into the face of the dead man and saw terror; the other started to drag the line from the water. On it's end, a lump of stuff, and the claw of a huge hound.

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Samhain/Halloween To Understand it, is to Live it.

For a moment, step out of the body glove that we call “home” and allow your consciousness to float backward in time, Before the age of computers, before the age of industry, before the age of organized religion and worship. You are a farmer, living on the steppes of the Celtic landscape. The air, is cool with a nip of moisture to it, the days of light seem to be shorter and shorter, and the crops, are slowing down. Think of your livestock, grazing in the mountains, enjoying the sweetness of the grass in higher elevation. Think of your family, comfortably settling into their huts, and think of the responsibility of the months that lie ahead. “Samhain” is drawing near.. Summers End is knocking at the threshold of nature, slowly and insidiously leaving it’s mark along the countryside. Neighbors from near and far are harvesting the last of their crops, hoping that the fruits of their vigilance will last them through the harsh months of cold that lie ahead. The valleys are beginning to fill with the noise of herded livestock as shepherds bring their herds down from the mountains to the safest reprieve they can find to protect them from the dark months ahead. They thin the herds and salt their meats, smoking them in huts so that they can persevere throughout the Winter months in makeshift smokehouses that are now beginning to dot the landscape. People are beginning to gather in a central location within the valley with as much spare food as they can rummage… the last great feast of the year is to take place soon. Bonfires will glow luminescent through the night and stories of great battles, great courage and great romance will be imparted to the younger generations by their elders who play “Russian roulette” with their lives every dawning of the winters breath. Many of these elders will not survive the cruel environment that is to come. This is their last chance to impart the knowledge and wisdom on the children and young people who will continue the bloodlines
The fires are lit… and the roar to the ceiling of the sky, offerings of fruits, vegetables and animals are made to the Sun and the Moon, a payment of sorts for bountiful harvest. As the fires encompass the offerings.. the remainder of the passing year is cleansed through flame, so that the New Year can begin without any burden of past upsets. Costumes are adorned, and the celebration moves into full swing.. the dances of life and death, the acknowledgement of cyclical nature, surround the bonfires. Celebrations of the release of souls, trapped in animal form beget a harmonious display of man and movement, as the souls depart their animal skins and move on to their new incarnations. Costumes that are worn, show a respect to this celebration, as well as work as a defense against more malevolent forces that seek to destroy the yields of the next harvests. Holy men, see through the veils of life and death to impart messages and shed light on the nature and length of the winter months ahead. This is a pivotal part of this celebration as the existence of entire villages depended upon the accuracy of these prophecies and communications. As the celebration draws to a close, and the New Year approaches, each family will light an ember from the great bonfires to bring to their homes and light their hearths with. These fires, will continue to burn night and day until the first melting begins. Food and water, are set upon each doorstep or entry to prevent winter roaming spirits from playing tricks.

This my friends, is the history of the holiday which is referred to as “All Hallows Eve” or “Halloween”. While in current times, it is a celebration for children, it’s roots, run very deep into our history, and lead to a time when this festival was not only one to celebrate the end of a harvest season, but it was also a way to say goodbye to those who would not make it through the harsh winters, as well as hello to the spirits of those who had gone ahead of them. The impact of this holiday has left a large enough mark on history that it has never been forgotten, and although it has changed, and become what a modern society believes it should be.. the beauty of it’s roots, deserves the respect of carrying on to the generations to come.


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World's Most Haunted Forest oxfordshine uk

    Scheming demons, lovelorn ghosts, and energy
     vortexes make these forests seriously spooky

Wychwood Forest


England’s Wychwood Forest abounds in haunted tales of visitors who feel hands reaching out to touch their shoulders or hear the thunder of invisible horses.

wychwood brewery is named after the royal forest of wychwood which was recorded in the doomsday book 1086 & covered much of what is now west oxfordshire much of the artwork for Wychwood beer labels depicts characters from myths & legends associated with the ancient
medieval forest.

The tree of Wychwood Forest:

witches in waiting:
in legend the thorny plum tree, the oak & the elder are said to be not tree's but witches in disguse hence they bleed when they cut a notch in the bark .

a scared pagan plant & traditional christmas symbol,misletoe was once revered by our was so sacred that it had to be cut with a golden sickle.

Home of the woodland spirits:
Holly & order evergreens were also respected in days gone by in the belief that they provided refuge for woodland spirits in the dark season of winter until other trees gained their leaves.

 Feast of beltaine:
in olden days a grand springtime festival was held to mark th end of winter or the dark season.
Folklore recommended villagers to leave offering of fruit & milk in the fields & woods to seek the good grace of the little people or forest dwellers, it was believed that in turn the forest folk would reward such throughfullness by providing humans with rich & abundant harvests & delightfull garden fragrant with a wealth of colourful flowers.

The lady's well:
A traditional ritual.once forbidden by the church in ad 963, still continues to this day in finstock,oxfordshire every year on palm sunday local children make a concoction of liguorrice & water from the lady's the heart of the wychwood forest & drink it perceiving it a cure for all winter ills.

The old oak shipton under wychwood:
an old oak in a field near the farmer inn called capps lodge has the initials h.d & t.d carved into it bark & the date 1728.

This bears witness to the story of the brothers tom, harry & dick dunsdon famous 18th century highwaymen.dick the story goes,bled to death when tom & harry hacked off one of his arms to free him after his hand had been caught by waiting constables while he was reaching through a door shutter to side back the bolt.Tom & harry were brought back to shipton & gibberted to the oak.The tree is said to be stunted due to the gruesome burden it once bore.

Demon tales & bad spirits:
there is a widespread belief in england in a highly danerous fairy or hobgoblin known by many names including jack o lantern, will o wisp, joano the wild & ignis fatuus, meaning foolish folklore.

This legend is said to come from the sight of small flame's flickering over marshy ground,caused by self-igniting gases from decaying plants,in legend jack o lantern took great delight in making travellers lose their way,often at night.The hobgoblin would take on the disguse of a beautiful young girl or crock of gold & lead the the traveller floundering into a bog or ditch.

hobgoblin is lengends are know to be large verion of their cousins the goblins,version of the legend can be found in britain,spain & in france.
By tradition the best times for seeing hobgoblins & other fairy creatures & forest dwellers are twilight & midnight when the moon is full & some of the best days are halloween(october 31st) may day( may 1st) midsummer day(june 24th) lady day ( march 25th) & christmas day (dec 25th)

now to me these legends have come from some where & most legend are true count of whats happened in the past,this forest seems to have a lot of history it no wonder why this forest is so haunted with demonic spirits & other things there is a saying that some forests you should never go venturing in at night.

Ghost's of Blue Bell Hill. Kent in the uk

A man driving through Blue Bell Hill in 1992 saw a young girl appear and start running towards his vehicle.

The girl looked straight at him as the car hit her, and then fell under his car. However on investigation the man found that no one was there. Eighteen years before this incident there was a similar occurrence on that stretch of road. In 1974 a man saw a girl (about 10) who appeared in front of his car. He then found her lying in the road bleeding, so he carried her body to the roadside and covered her with a blanket. The shocked man then returned with police and found the blanket but no girl.

Maurice Goodenough was driving on Blue Bell Hill between Maidstone and Chatham just after midnight in the very early hours of Saturday, 13 July 1974. A girl, about ten years old, wearing a white blouse, socks and a skirt appeared from nowhere in Mr Goodenough's headlights.

Despite braking as hard as possible and skidding, he felt the impact as the car hit the girl. When Mr Goodenough jumped out he found the young girl lying on the road, bruised and bleeding, though not to an excessive degree. Afraid of what injuries she might have, Mr Goodenough carried the child to the side of the road, wrapped her in a blanket and left her while he drove to Rochester police station to seek help. The police joined him to return to the scene where they found only the blanket and no trace of the girl.

A tracker dog was called in to assist in the investigation but was unable to find a scent to follow; no blood stains were found. Inquiries at local hospitals discovered no reports of anybody injured in the way described by Mr Goodenough and Mr Goode-nough's car was undamaged. If Mr Goodenough described the incident accurately, and there is no reason to doubt that he did, then a supernatural explanation is not quite the only one possible, though we are still left with a mystery. If the girl's injuries were not so serious she could have left the scene and gone home - it has even been speculated that she may have been on the run from the social services - but all of this is suspect in view of the fact that no one has been able to trace the girl in the time since. Blue Bell Hill has a high incidence of ghost and phantom hitchhiker legends though the report to the police station probably makes Mr Goodenough's the most reliable report.

The search for the phantom hitchhiker's identity has thrown up a very specific if problematic candidate. On Friday 19 November 1965, around nine years before Mr Goodenough's encounter, a Ford Cortina was in collision with a Jaguar on Blue Bell Hill. The Cortina was occupied by four women, a 22-year-old girl who was to be married in Gillingham, Kent the following day and her three hen-party companions. The bride-to-be died five days after the collision at West Kent Hospital, one of her companions was killed in the accident and a second died on admission to hospital. The fourth was seriously injured. Both the Jaguar's occupants survived. One of the three dead women is held to be the phantom hitchhiker, either the bride-to-be or, more often, one of her friends. Having been thwarted on the very eve of her wedding, perhaps the bride was not ready to die and is constantly trying to finish her journey.

It is obviously difficult to reconcile the figure of an adult woman with that of a ten-year-old girl; the bride-to-be may have been small,dressed in a young style, perhaps wearing white ankle socks, and in the panic of the crash, and in the darkness, may have been mistaken by the witness as being much younger than she was. There are other, frustratingly uncorroborated, reports of sightings of the bride-to-be hitchhiker in the area on the anniversary of her crash.
The Haunted A229, Blue Bell Hill
Although the paranormal and ghostly hauntings history of Blue Bell Hill relates mainly to the stretch of the A229 (running between Rochester and Maidstone), the area itself is the location of many ghost sightings and unexplained events. These still continue despite much alteration to the area due to road and rail construction and other layout changes over the years. In fact, this construction and disturbance may be the trigger to some of the witnessed events
Probably the best known vanishing hitchhiker story in the UK comes from Blue Bell Hill, near Rochester, Kent. One shaken witness went to the police after believing he had run over a young girl - on investigation of the scene of the 'accident', no body, blood or evidence of any kind of impact could be found. On separate occasions, two families reported a terrifying old hag-like figure standing in front of their cars, causing them to stop sharply. The lady vanishes. As if phantom women were not enough to keep the area on the paranormal map, Blue Bell Hill has cryptozoological interest; a gorilla-like creature was spotted here, as was an ostrich which morphed into a large black cat before making its escape from inquisitive eyes.
There are many reports here of a phantom hitchhiker on the A229 south of Chatham. The reports began in 1968, and usually involved a young girl (possibly a bride to be or a bridesmaid who was killed at the foot of the hill in 1965), flagging down cars and asking for a lift.

Reports of phantom hitchhikers can be found throughout the world. These are apparitions that seem to haunt dark and lonely roads. Typically, they are usually seen by a lone motorist late at night, and are sometimes the cause of accidents as the unsuspecting motorist skids or swerves to avoid a figure in the road.

But when the frightened driver stops in a panic thinking that he has ploughed into someone - there is no one to be seen!

At times a motorist will actually see what he considers to be a real person hitching a lift at the roadside. The driver stops to give the person a lift, only to discover later that he is alone in the car!

The most famous of phantom road side ghosts in the UK - is the ghost of Blue Bell Hill in Kent. This ghost was reported to police three times within as many months by frightened motorists who thought that they had hit and killed someone out on the forlorn hillside. Details of this haunting has appeared in over 200 newspaper stories throught the UK over the years.

The most famous encounter occured in the early hours of the 13th July 1974. Maurice Goodenough was driving to his home in Chatham when a figure suddenly appeared in front of his car. She appeared to be a young girl, about ten years old wearing a white blouse, skirt and white ankle socks. Mr. Goodenough stamped on his brakes but he could not avoid hitting her, and the car struck her with a sickening force. He brought the car to a skidding halt and rushed back to the small girl. He found her battered and bleeding at the road side. But she appeared to be in better shape than he had first feared but aware that it might be dangerous to move her, he grabbed a blanket from his car to wrap her in whilst he went to fetch help.

He rushed to a nearby police station at Rochester, and police officers came back to the spot, marked by a now empty blanket, but although they searched for hours with a tracker dog - they found nothing!

It was at first thought that perhaps another motorist may have picked her up, and local hospitals were questioned. They all reported they had had no accident admissions that night!

After the police inspected Mr Goodenough's car and found no sign of damage they began to suspect that perhaps he had made the whole thing up or the phantom girl had been a product of an over tired mind playing tricks with shapes and shadows caught in the headlights.

However, one fact could not be disputed Mr Goodenough was not the first motorist to have had the chilling experience of encountering a strange young girl on Blue Bell Hill. Nor, would he be the last


Bretby Business Park, Burton on Trent

Vanishing car headlights have been reported being seen approaching the exit gate at the Bretby Business Park
Former security guards have reported on several occasions sighting car headlights coming down an exit road from the Bretby Business Park and then vanishing into the night without trace before reaching the exit gate.
Other security guards have reported hearing sounds of running showers and voices coming from one of the empty building on site at the time.
Additional spooky reports include a security guard being approached by a young woman wearing a summer dress, (on a dark cold and rainy night in winter) who said she was lost and wanted directions to Stapenhill. Later CCTV footage show the security guard speaking and gesturing, but there is no image or trace of the woman.

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Florida Haunted House

Is a house in Florida haunted by a female ghost?

Is this house haunted?
If you happen to be in Lake Wales, Florida, there’s a house you might want to avoid. It’s a very ordinary looking house, but as you can probably guess, appearances can be deceiving. In the fall of 1991, 19-year old Alan Mann lived in the house with his parents. Alan worked nights, and during the day, he was often home alone—or so he thought
“I had the afternoon off. I’d come home and I guess it was about 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, I’d finally gotten some sleep
Then, suddenly the image of a mysterious woman appeared before him
Alan Mann claimed he saw a ghostly woman
“The figure turned away from the door like it was leaving. And by the time I got up and walked three paces to the door, I don’t know what happened, it just turned the corner and disappeared.”
She said a smoky figure sat on the sofa
Alan Mann said he looked high and low for the mysterious woman. But even though the doors were locked from the inside, she was nowhere to be found. He told his mother he thought he’d seen a ghost, but his mother refused to believe him. That was that, until Alan got married, and his 16-year-old bride Linda moved into the house. Shortly after the wedding, Alan’s mother, Sandra, was watching TV with her new daughter-in-law. Sandra, the skeptic, was about to change her tune:
“I had my little dog Prince beside me. And he was on a pillow. And I looked down at the end of the couch and I saw this white smoky thing. And the first thing I thought was fire, and by that time, the dog had gotten up on his feet and then it just disappeared. And when Prince came back I said Prince… we’ve got company
Their lamp mysteriously shot out flames
Even though Linda hadn’t seen the apparition, she was convinced the house was haunted. Determined to get the scoop, Linda enlisted a friend with a Ouija Board:
“The board talked real good with me. I believed in it. I’ve believed in that kind of stuff for a while. But I never come across it until then.”
According to Linda and Alan, the board spelled out the name “Kramer.” That was all the proof they needed. They had a ghost and her name was Kramer. Alan’s father David, however, wasn’t convinced:
Even though Linda hadn’t seen the apparition, she was convinced the house was haunted. Determined to get the scoop, Linda enlisted a friend with a Ouija Board:
“The board talked real good with me. I believed in it. I’ve believed in that kind of stuff for a while. But I never come across it until then.”
According to Linda and Alan, the board spelled out the name “Kramer.” That was all the proof they needed. They had a ghost and her name was Kramer. Alan’s father David, however, wasn’t convinced:
“I thought I was living with a bunch of flakes. I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. If it was a paranormal experience or something like that, I didn’t want to have to worry about that, I didn’t want to admit it.”
The Mann family tried to contact spirits
Linda and Alan, however, knew there was a ghost. But they weren’t prepared for what happened next. According to Alan, Linda suddenly attacked him in their bedroom:
“All of a sudden she just snapped. And she got this weird look. She pretty much attacked me. She was laughing. She had some weird laugh I had never heard. It didn’t even sound like her. She has this squeaky little giggle. And this was, almost an evil laugh.”
Linda had become, seemingly possessed and was holding down Alan. Alan remembers how forceful his wife became:
“I tried to get away and it made her get more violent. And she started putting more force on my arms. So I pushed against her. And I slammed her against the wall three times. And she released me. And she put her head on my shoulder again and started talking and picked up the conversation exactly where she left off before she snapped.”
Even stranger was the fact that Linda had no recollection of the events that took place:
“That’s not me. I don’t have an evil laugh. I don’t do the things that he says I do, that’s just not my type. I’m not that type of person. I just don’t remember.”
Suddenly, the harmless ghost had taken on a whole new personality that was difficult to ignore. Even David Mann took notice:
“I really got concerned. At that point I said look, I’m going to get some help. Somebody somewhere can tell me what the heck is going on.”
A spiritualist told the Manns to pour salt all around the house. The Manns kept bags of salt under their beds and even tried a homegrown exorcism. But according to Sandra, nothing helped:
“Every time we tried something… it would settle down and then it would be stronger, you know there’d be more happenings.”
Then, the house began to smell and everyone in the family suffered from bad headaches. Some of the rooms even took on a deathly chill. And then, according to Sandra, the voices began:
“What we heard was like a whole mass of voices, dull, muttering. And one woman’s voice over the top of them. But yet you could not distinguish anything they were saying.”
Professionals were called in to investigate
David and Sandra tried to act blasé. But according to David, the ghost was not about to let them off the hook:
“I stopped right in the middle of the hall. I caught the smell again. And I didn’t have any explanation for, it’s like you get an idea, little voice inside your head, like your conscience or whatever it is. That little voice that you listen to. It said, ‘This is Isabella.’”
The Manns were spooked, especially Linda. She and Alan decided it was time to move out. Before long, word of the Manns’ plight reached “The Center for Paranormal Studies,” in Silver Springs, Florida. Armed with a truckload of electronic equipment, the Center’s three founders showed up at the Manns’ house. Andrew Nichols was one of the parapsychologists sent to study the Manns’ house:
“It definitely had an oppressive ambience to it, almost a depressive type of feeling. After being in the house for several hours, we all began to experience headaches.”
According to Andrew, Linda and Alan’s old bedroom received the highest amount of paranormal activity:
“It was very, very high. So I thought it would be a good idea to start taking a series of photographs at that point.”
Andrew Nichols took two Polaroid shots, one during and one after the flux in paranormal activity. The second photograph was normal. But Andrew noticed something strange in the first:
“There was a vague humanoid shape in the forefront of the picture. It may be a reflection of some unusual environmental effect. It may be a strange artifact of the human psyche, or it may be a contact with a dimension of existence that’s beyond our imagination.”
 Two months later, after a visit from a local minister, the haunting appeared to stop. But David and Sandra decided they to move out soon after. Was the house in Lake Wales haunted by the spirit of someone named Isabella Kramer? Although there are no records that such a person ever lived in that area, the Manns had all the proof they needed.cided they to move out soon after. Was the house in Lake Wales haunted by the spirit of someone named Isabella Kramer? Although there are no records that such a person ever lived in that area, the Manns ad all the proof they needed.


On September 11th 1987, a well-respected police officer, PC Dick Ellis and a former Special Constable, John Beet were two of a number of witnesses to see probably the scariest and noticeably witnessed ghostly apparition ever to be reported in the UK.
The location – A616 bypass (under construction at the time by the McAlpine building company), Stocksbridge, near Sheffield. Situated in the north of England.
This ghost story is very vivid in my mind as I come from Sheffield and have driven over the bypass on several occasions, but more importantly – my sister used to work as a police officer in the same ‘Deepcar Police Station’ as PC Ellis. Although she never knew him, the story has always remained consistent.
Tuesday night, September 8th 1987 – two security guards employed by McAlpine to patrol the bypass site and guard building materials telephoned their boss, Peter Owens in a frantic state.
Owens arrived at the site to find the two large men in a state of hysteria.
Owens then questioned the two men, who told him strange things had started around 12.30pm the night before.
They had been driving along Pearoyd Lane, near Stocksbridge steelworks and were very surprised to see children playing near the half constructed bypass at the side of a pylon and far away from the nearest houses.
They told Owens they had decided to investigate, therefore they parked their car and watched the children skipping about, but they were both puzzled by the children’s unusual and outdated clothing.
In an attempt to discover why the children were out so late, they got out of their land rover and proceeded in the children’s direction, only to find the children were now nowhere to be seen.
When they arrived at the spot where they had seen the children playing, they were puzzled to discover…there were absolutely no footprints in the mud.
They described to Owens how the following morning they were still more baffled than frightened as they relayed their story to the McAlpine builders and how this was heightened when they were then told by some of the men…they had heard children’s voices in the night as they rested in their caravans.
Owens was told how their bafflement turned into fear just before they phoned him. They went on to describe how they were driving as usual up Pearoyd Lane towards the site. Upon reaching it, they saw a large, dark figure of a monk on the partly constructed bridge. They then explained, as they drove towards the figure, when the headlights reached the apparition, it disappeared.
After listening to the security guard’s story, Owens was convinced they were being truthful, and called Deepcar Police Station. As you can imagine the police officer who took the call, PC Ellis laughed and suggested they call a priest instead as this was hardly a police matter. However, Ellis got a surprise later that day, when a priest called, Stuart Brindley phoned him at the station and asked if they could send someone to help him with two security guards at his church.
The priest went on to describe how the guards were demanding an exorcism of the Stocksbridge bypass site, but his main concern was for the men’s state of distress, which he had no control over.
The police station had no alternative but to investigate the guard’s story. Therefore, PC Ellis and Special Constable John Beet were commissioned to the job.
As Ellis and Beet drove towards the site on the 11th September 1987 both of them were very sceptical about the story’s authenticity and believed that the security guards were being hysterical and attributed the saga as being one of the most hilarious they had ever heard.
The evening was quite warm, so Ellis and Beet sat in their car facing the bridge with the windows down. It wasn’t too long before they noticed ‘something’ moving on the bridge. Ellis climbed out of the car and ran to the bridge, where he found a piece of loose tarpaulin flapping around in the wind. Ellis went back to the car and they decided to wait a little longer before calling it a night.
PC Ellis commented to Beet how he had just had the oddest sensation as though someone had just walked over his grave. He asked Beet if he had felt anything. Then suddenly, Ellis felt a presence at his side. He turned his head sharply to find a dark ,clothed torso pushed right up to his door. Ellis noticed the dark clothing had white ‘v’ shaped material running down the chest.
Suddenly the apparition vanished and appeared at Beet’s side in an instant. Then it vanished again as Ellis stepped out of the car. He walked all around the car and looked underneath…nothing was there.
Ellis got back into the car and turned the ignition, but nothing happened… he tried again but still nothing. On the third attempt the car started.
Ellis decided to drive to the construction area, where he pulled up and radioed the station to give their whereabouts. Suddenly, there was a loud bang on the back of the car, which Ellis later described as sounding like it had been hit with a baseball bat or pick axe handle.
Beet sat rigid in the car as Ellis hesitantly climbed out. Again, there was nothing around – not a sound or sight of anything. Ellis rushed back and jumped in the car, just as the car was struck again. A booming noise reverberated as the car rocked up and down. Ellis frantically started the car, but again it was hit. Ellis put his foot down and raced back to Deepcar station.
They reported their findings to shocked colleagues, who wrote statements of their accounts. Both Ellis and Beet stated, their fear was so intense, they described it as; ’it was not that which one has when you are about to encounter danger – but worse, it was the kind where you have absolutely no control over…a feeling of ‘dread’.

Sleep Paralysis Demon or Ghost cause ?

Regardless of whether one accepts the medical explanation, or the paranormal theory for this surprisingly common condition, there is no escaping the fact that it is a terrifying experience for the sufferer.
Sleep paralysis is closely related to the natural paralysis occurring in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state of sleep. The victim is fully conscious and alert, yet the body remains paralysed. In this state, the brain is capable of manifesting intensely vivid hallucinations, which the body cannot react to. The understandable reaction to this scenario is fear and panic. To the sufferer, the experience is terrifyingly real. All the natural senses of the individual remain fully functioning, i.e. smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight are all present and only add to the horror.
During REM sleep the body’s metabolism is slowed down, the heart rate is lowered, as too is blood pressure and respiratory rate. Along with this comes muscle paralysis; all these adaptations are a safety mechanism to prevent injury during the dreaming state. Without this natural defence, the individual could thrash out with limbs and enact their dreams.
With a reduced heart beat and respiratory rate the victim will experience the feeling of pressure on the chest wall and a difficulty in breathing. In this natural state of fear and panic, the victim may well interpret this sensation as some kind of weight on his/her chest.
Some victims of this horrifying condition are able to convince themselves that the experience was no more than a dream – a nightmare at worst. Others remain convinced they have been attacked by a supernatural entity. The latter are adamant their assailant is an external reality and not a product of their subconscious. However, sleep specialists and psychologists dismiss this by explaining that thoughts, images, and sensations released from an individual’s subconscious are all ultimately alien to the individual. This area is a vast storeroom for random psychological phenomena, which the conscious brain either cannot, or will not analyse and accept as reality. Hence, the victim concludes that all the hallucinatory elements of a sleep paralysis attack are received from an external source.
Throughout the world and the passing of time, the above physiological aspects of sleep paralysis have been and remain the same, regardless of the victim’s race, religion, or culture. It is the almost countless interpretations of these symptoms, which make sleep paralysis one of, if not the most common and feared paranormal phenomena.
It is beyond the scope and capability of this article and its author to cover all the physiological and psychological aspects of sleep paralysis. Therefore, I have elected to turn my attention to offering the reader a brief overview of the many variations and interpretations of the occult aspects of this fascinating and terrifying phenomenon.


Frank De Felitta’s novel, ‘The Entity’ which was later made into a very successful horror movie was in fact based on the alleged true story of Carlotta Moran, a young Californian woman. Her terrifying ordeal from the 1970s is supported by psychiatric reports and physical evidence in the form of bruises to her body. Some researchers claim that Carlotta was attacked by a non-physical male entity known as an Incubus, (female counterpart, Succubus).
There are several excellent books and papers available on sleep paralysis. ‘Creatures from Inner Space’ (Stan Gooch) and ‘The Flying Cow’ (Guy Lyon Playfair), and ‘The Terror that comes in the Night’ (David J. Hufford) are just three examples.


The following list is a brief summary of various perceptions of sleep paralysis in some cultures throughout the world:
African culture describes sleep paralysis as ‘The Witch Riding Your Back’.
Cabbodian, Laitian, and Thai culture believe sleep paralysis to be ‘Pee Umm’ and Khmout Sukkhot’. These describe dreams of ghostly figures holding down their victims, or merely being nearby. Both terms should not be confused with ‘Pee Khao’ and ‘Khamout Jool’ which refers to a ghost possession.
Hmong culture refers to sleep paralysis as ‘Dab Tsog’ or ‘Crushing demon’ In this instance the victim claims to see small child-sized entities sitting on their chests.
Many Americam Hmong, (mainly male) have died in their sleep, prompting the Centres for Disease Control to adopt the term, ‘Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome’, or (SUNDS).
Viatnamese culture refer to sleep paralysis as ‘Ma De’, meaning (held down by a ghost or, ‘Bong De’, (held down by a shadow’.
Chinese culture believes it to be, ‘Pinyin; gui y ashen’ or ‘Pinyin gui ya chan’. Translated: ‘Ghost pressing on bed’.
Japanese culture, as ‘Kanashibari’, meaning (bound or fastened in metal).
Hungarian culture folklore refers to sleep paralysis as ‘Lidercnymias’. (Lideric pressing). Here the term can relate to a number of supernatural entities like ‘Lideric’ (Wraith). ‘Boszorkany’ (Witch). ‘Tunder’ (Fairy) or ‘Ordogszereto’ (Demon Lover). The word ‘Boszorkany’ stems from the Turkish root ‘Bas’ meaning (to press).
Icelandic culture refers to sleep paralysis as having a ‘Mara’ (Devil that sits on one’s chest at night).
Malta culture attributes sleep paralysis to an attack by the ‘Haddiela’ who is the wife of ‘Hares’. To help prevent such an attack Maltese people believe to rid themselves of Haddeila, they must place a piece of silverware or a knife under the pillow just before sleep.
Kurdish culture believes it to be ‘Mattaka’. Kurdish people believe the form of a ghost or evil spirit visits them in the night and suffocates them if they have done something bad.
New Guinea culture, as ‘Suk Ninmyo’. Here the origin is from sacred trees that use human essence to sustain their lives. These trees feed on human essence during the night so as not to disturb the human’s daily life.
Turkish culture, as ‘Karabasan’, (The dark presser/assailer).
Mexican culture refer to sleep paralysis as ‘Se me Subio el Mureto’ (The dead person got on me).
Southern American culture refers to the phenomenon as a ‘hag’ and it is believed to be a sign of an approaching tragedy or accident.
Southwest Nigeria culture describes sleep paralysis as ‘Ogun Oru’ (Nocturnal Warfare).
Pakistani culture refers to the phenomenon as encounters with evil jinns and demons. They believe the experience to be the result of enemies performing black magic.
Korean culture, as ‘Ga-ui-nool-lim’ menaing (pressed by a nightmare).
Tamail and Sri Lankan cultures refer to sleep paralysis as ‘Amuku Be’ or Amuku Pei’ meaning (the ghost that forces one down).
Malay culture, as ‘Kena Tindih’ meaning (being pressed).
Newfoundland culture refers to the phenomenon as the ‘Old Hag’. It is believed that the Hag can be summoned to attack a third-party, like a curse. Daviv J. Hufford stated in his 1982 book, ‘The Terror That Comes in the Night’ that believers call up the Hag by reciting the Lords Prayer backwards

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Hooded Figures in Window

This photograph shows some peculiar hooded figures in the background.

Ghost in the window

This mysterious face appeared in the window in this late 1800's family photo. The face is said to be a relative of the family that had recently died. Seems they wanted inclusion in their family photo!

Ghost figure in the back ground

This is creepy this is a photo taken of two girl playing at a home, but what is the creepy figure in the back ground?